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Last week I participated in two hackathons, events where a group of strangers would form a team for two or three days and build a product prototype. In the end all teams pitch their prototypes, and the best ones would be given some prizes.
Apple CEO Steve Jobs had a favorite analogy for the post-PC era: Computers were trucks, and tablets were cars. He liked to compare the segue from PCs to tablets with the segue from trucks to cars that accompanied the urbanization of America.
This July we're organizing two hack weekends around MsgFlo and Flowhub. Both of these will focus on reprogramming the Internet of Things setup of the hackerspace. The aim is to connect more devices at the spaces to the MsgFlo environment, and come up with new connections between systems, and ways to visualize them.

NoFlo and Flow-Based Programming by Henri Bergius (Node.js Meetup Berlin)

This presentation was give during the Node.js Meetup Berlin, on April 25th 2017. You can become part of the community here meetup.com/Node-js-Meetup-Berlin ABOUT THE TALK Henri Bergius talked about NoFlo and Flow-Based Programming in general. He will give an introduction to both, how the tooling works and how to write components.
If you want to understand why so many startups become infected with unhealthy work habits, or outright workaholism, a good place to start your examination is in the attitudes of their venture capital investors. Consider this Twitter thread involving two famous VCs, Keith Rabois and Mark Suster: These sentiments are hardly aberrations.