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Flowhub - the product made possible by our successful NoFlo Kickstarter - has now its own company dedicated to supporting and improving the visual programming environment.
We don't have an official launch date yet for SpaceX's historic rocket re-launch just yet, but it could come as soon as March 29th. During this flight, which will deliver the SES-10 satellite to geostationary orbit, the company plans to reuse the Falcon 9 first stage booster it successfully landed on a drone ship last April.
As I started writing this N26 review, I wanted to give as clear and honest of a display of the N26 product collection as I could. After all, it's one of just a handful of services that I very strongly support, and it's fundamentally changed the way I do just about everything related to banking.
I'm happy to announce that GuvScale - our service for autoscaling Heroku background worker dynos - is now available in a public beta. If you're using RabbitMQ for distributing work to background dynos hosted by Heroku, GuvScale can monitor the queues for you and scale the number of workers up and down automatically.

Eclipse Hono and Flowhub at BCX17

Demo video of our "technical brilliance award" winning project from the Bosch Connected Experience Open Hack Challenge 2017. Read more in bergie.iki.fi/blog/bosch-iot-msgflo
I've been attending the Bosch Connected Experience IoT hackathon this week at Station Berlin. Bosch brought a lot of different devices to the event, all connected to send telemetry to Eclipse Hono. To make them more discoverable, and enable rapid prototyping I decided to expose them all to Flowhub via the MsgFlo distributed FBP runtime.
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In 1709, Fran├žois Xavier Bon de Saint Hilaire, the president of the Court of Accounts, Aides, and Finances in Montpellier, France, presented the Sun King, Louis XIV, with a pair of silvery spider-silk stockings, woven from hundreds of painstakingly collected egg sacs.
It has always been easy to wrap existing JavaScript code into NoFlo graphs - just write a component that exposes its functionality via some ports. Going the other way and exposing a NoFlo graph to JS land was also possible but cumbersome. With NoFlo 0.8.3 we now made it super easy with the new asCallback API.
After several months of work, NoFlo 0.8 is finally out as a stable release. This release is important in that it brings the Process API for NoFlo components to general availability, paving way for the 1.x series. We introduced Process API in the 0.7 series last summer, but at that stage it wasn't deemed good enough for production use.