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A little over one year ago, Google did what many of us expected them to do: announce Android app support in Chrome OS. As is the case with every Google announcement, this was in early beta stages and would not release to consumers for a few months.

NoFlo and Flow-Based Programming by Henri Bergius (Node.js Meetup Berlin)

This presentation was give during the Node.js Meetup Berlin, on April 25th 2017. You can become part of the community here meetup.com/Node-js-Meetup-Berlin ABOUT THE TALK Henri Bergius talked about NoFlo and Flow-Based Programming in general. He will give an introduction to both, how the tooling works and how to write components.
If you want to understand why so many startups become infected with unhealthy work habits, or outright workaholism, a good place to start your examination is in the attitudes of their venture capital investors. Consider this Twitter thread involving two famous VCs, Keith Rabois and Mark Suster: These sentiments are hardly aberrations.
I was sat on my (long) train to work, just reached the halfway point, getting comfy, checking twitter on my phone. It was too late to turn back, but I had an idea: the last few days I had been...
The past year has been big for virtual and augmented reality: new VR hardware for consumers came to market, from smartphone-powered options to desktop-powered systems. Developers started exploring AR in earnest as the first devices to build on became available. And, our team at Google was focused on getting some major products out the door.
As mentioned in my Working on Android post, I've been using a mechanical keyboard for a couple of years now. Now that I work on Flowhub from home, it was a good time to re-evaluate the whole work setup. As far as regular keyboards go, the MiniLa was nice, but I wanted something more compact and ergonomic.

Flow-Based Programming for JavaScript - Henri Berguis @ BWS'17

bulgariawebsummit.com NoFlo is a flow-based programming environment for JavaScript. Originally built for Node.js systems automation, the same visual development tools can also be used for developing full-stack applications from the browser to microcontrollers like Arduino. With NoFlo developers build their applications by wiring data streams together between different pre-built or custom components.